About the Road Worthiness Inspection Process

    About the Road Worthiness Inspection Process

    The Public Works Department by default are addressing the road worthiness requirements outlaid in the Traffic Control Act (CAP 29), particularly Article 32 Certificate of Road Worthiness:

    (1) For the purposes of this section –

    “public vehicle” means a vehicle being used for the purpose of carrying passengers for hire or reward;

    “roadworthy condition” means a condition in which the vehicle or any part thereof does not constitute a danger or could not cause danger;

    “vehicle examiner” means a person being a garage proprietor in possession of a valid licence issued under the Business Licence Act [Cap. 249] or a person authorised under subsection (1A).

    (1A) The Director of the Department responsible for public works may authorise officers of the Department and other suitably qualified persons to examine motor vehicles. An authorisation must be in writing.

    All PWD workshops complete road worthiness inspections and certification of road worthiness. Peak period is between 1st October to 31st March in the new year to meet the legal requirement of Road Tax Fees – see Vanuatu Inland Revenue Road Tax Registration

    Inspection Process

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