Located in Port Vila, the Natsituan Building houses the Ministry of Public Infrastructure & Public Utilities and related departments including the Public Works Department.Our mission is to serve and improve the livelihood of Vanuatu's Citizens

Public Works Department is dedicated to contributing to the achievement of the national development goals by providing safe, reliable and affordable infrastructure. Primary task of the department is to manage, maintain and develop the major national transport infrastructure assets – roads, ports and airports.

Public Works Department currently manages the entire national road network which consists of nearly 3,000 kilometers of roads in rural and urban areas, while it develops and maintains a number of ports, airports and public buildings. 

(At Left: Located in Port Vila, the Nasituan Building houses the Ministry of Public Infrastructure & Public Utilities and related departments including the Public Works Department.)

A Word from Our Director:

“Public Works Department is aware of the current condition of the major infrastructure assets in the country. We are cognizant of the hardship that the everyday users, such as our farmers in remote rural areas, or workers and bus drivers in towns, experience when utilizing this infrastructure to undertake their daily activities.

We are also aware that the deteriorating condition of the infrastructure does not present the solid ground for the economic and social development of the country.

I am however confident that this trend can be reversed. Our aim to provide you with the efficient, safe, reliable and affordable transport network will be realized by improving on multiple fronts: by regularly maintaining our assets; by reducing the cost of the infrastructure through technological innovation; by improvement of our business practices, and by; establishing synergies with our partners.

Following my appointment to the position of the Director of the Public Works Department, I am dedicated to changing the approach to the management of the infrastructure in an open and transparent manner.

This webpage is one of the vehicles and the first step to achieve this. PWD intends to use it to inform the public about our goals, activities, achievements, and employment opportunities.

We also want it to become a valuable source of information for the contractors and consultants who partner with the PWD in realizing the departmental vision.

Finally, we would like it to be the first point of contact between you, our major partner, and us, who are here to serve your needs.”

Acting Director