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Located in Port Vila, the Natsituan Building houses the Ministry of Public Infrastructure & Public Utilities and related departments including the Public Works Department.Our mission is to serve and improve the livelihood of Vanuatu's Citizens

Public Works Department is dedicated to contributing to the achievement of the national development goals by providing safe, reliable and affordable infrastructure. Primary task of the department is to manage, maintain and develop the major national transport infrastructure assets – roads, ports and airports.

Public Works Department currently manages the entire national road network which consists of nearly 3,000 kilometers of roads in rural and urban areas, while it develops and maintains a number of ports, airports and public buildings. 

(At Left: Located in Port Vila, the Nasituan Building houses the Ministry of Public Infrastructure & Public Utilities and related departments including the Public Works Department.)

A Word from Our Director:

“Public Works Department (PWD) is mandated under the Public Roads Act through which our Roads Policy and Strategy is derived. Thus, making sure that all declared public road networks around Vanuatu is well constructed and maintained to higher value for money that is acceptable to both the government and the people. We will work hard to achieve that goal such that Infrastructure is the bridge to economic development as outlined in the Peoples Plan 2030.

Following on that note PWD will further construct rural feeder roads throughout the islands of Vanuatu to increase agricultural activities as well as allowing the ease of goods to be transported to output locations. Thanks to the support of the government in realizing the need for a strong local and export economy which will help raise living standards in the near future. We are already one step ahead and will continue progressively to achieve that goal.

To all road users, please educate yourselves to respect roads through common sense, signage, line markings and other government regulations. Drive safely at all times and be cautious of pedestrians.

PWD is also responsible of managing the Buildings Act from which we will make sure that buildings constructed in Vanuatu are of structural integrity, environmentally friendly, cyclonic resistant and accessible to everyone including people with special needs. We will work hard to achieve this goal through partnership and cooperation with other government agencies.

PWD will adapt to change and bring forward change with innovative thinking and new technology since Vanuatu is now 41 years old. We also encourage the government and the people to work side by side with PWD to achieve a healthy growing economy for Vanuatu.

We share with you our slogan ‘Yumi Pull Lo Wan Rope’ with a strong believe that we are all connected and as a team we work together to achieve our goals.  

This webpage is just one of PWD’s drivers of change to promote PWD achievements, transparent publication and continuous awareness to the Public.”

Malcolm Tarileo


Public Works Department

Ministry of Infrastructure and Public Utilities