ID121: TC Harold Response in Torba Province

    Small Scale Contract Works in Sola, Vanua Lava

    Small Scale Contracts is a model used by PWD to carry out small scale works such as constructing fibre reinforced concrete pavements and drainage works. In Sola, Torba Province, these types of works utilising Small Scale Contractors are undertaken frequently as Sola is vulnerable to Flooding during the wet season and as a result roads and drainage systems get easily damaged.

    Typically, PWD staff undertake scoping and R4D2 provide funding for these activities. Mr Mark Bule, PWDs Site Engineer, mentioned the R4D2 Advisers provided technical advice to the team and through regular site monitoring visits. He appreciated the advice provided to the Torba PWD team as it was relevant and helpful.  As a result, PWD staff were able to apply the advice to the small scale works to enable works to be completed according to timeframes and according to design.  R4D2 Advisers also assisted PWD staff in monitoring progress of work, social safeguards issues and including employing women in the works.  Mr Bule said they are now looking at how PWD can promote including persons with disabilities in these small-scale works.

    After the R4D2 support and advice provided, the Torba PWD site engineer was able to successfully supervise the completion of these works.

    New Culvert HeadwallsNew Culvert Headwalls1

                                                      New culvert and headwalls and Fibre reinforced concrete pavement in Sola, Vanualava

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