ID113: Vanuatu Infrastructure Reconstruction and Improvement Project

    Efate – Kawenu Primary School

    Pierre Brunet Entreprise Generale (PBEG) was awarded the Kawenu Primary School (Schools – Package 9-Efate) on 11 December 2019.  Works started almost immediately and was completed on 4 September 2020 (three weeks before amended Contract Completion).  Works was varied for additional repair works for a value of VT 979,820 so the total value of works was VT 49,889,820.  PBEG was selected by an evaluation committee through a ‘Shopping Process’, approved by the World Bank.  A number of selected local contractors competed for the contract and PBEG was determined as providing the least evaluated cost.

    Schools Pkg 9 Efate Schools Pkg 9 Efate1 KPS Principle 

    Principal for Kawenu Primary School, Mrs. Delma Joel said as the School Administrator, she is pleased and with the Contractor’s quality and performance of work, complying and managing Safeguards issues in place, especially in terms of children safety and minimizing disturbances during construction.

    She  thanked the World Bank on behalf of the Kawenu School council for the financial assistance and looks forward to future assistance.

     KPS MAP


    Acting Chief Architect, Chapman Mogeror was the Construction Supervisor for the contract and oversaw the successful completion of this difficult works. 

    The works involved:

    New Works:

    A New Double Classroom and Ablutions Block are designed to comply with wind/earthquake loading (actions/forces, as per Australian Standard AS1170) and Vanuatu Building Code.  Building design and material selection has taken into account relevant local hazards to minimize on-going maintenance requirements.  These buildings will have rain water tanks and also stand pipes for water access.

    Retrofit Works:

    The existing classrooms were upgraded to improve the resilience. A specific scope of works was developed for this particular building to improve the resilience of the structure which will enable it to perform better in a cyclonic event.

    The works proceeded very well and community consultations, complaints and issues handled well by all involved.

    Contract Details


    On 17 May 2017, a list of MoET nominated activities were issued to VIRIP.  The Activities for this Package were inspected on site and scope modified based on the findings.  These findings have been subsequently approved by MoET. 


    This school is a high-profile school that sits below the largest Secondary School, Malapoa College. There have been concerns regarding the existing buildings and their performance during Tropical Cyclone Pam. One building was completely damaged with the existing roof structure torn off and walls blow out.  In addition to this, none of the operational classrooms are rated to any design standard and do not provide a certifiable safe place to reside during a cyclone event. A number of the existing buildings also have issues related to the age of the building.


    Improved the disaster and climate resilience of Kawenu Primary School:

    • At least 70 students will be accommodated into with a higher structural safety standard which meets the Financing Agreement
    • New ablutions block to accommodate the student/staff capacity of the school. New septic tank and soak away was added.
    • Refurbishment of 1 existing teaching block – B4A/B to reduce the vulnerability risk to damage in cyclone event.
    • Demolition of existing ablution block part classroom building.

    Timing and Cost

    Works started on 11 December 2019 and was completed in September 2020, with a 112 days’ extension of time and variation.  Value of the works is VT 49,889,820. 

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