ID122: RIMS- Road Inventory Management System: “Public Roads around Vanuatu are now 100% Declared …”

    RIMS is a central depository of road related information. Information stored in RIMS refers to, road locations and names, types of pavement, dimensional characteristics of road and road segments, location and type of drainage structures, results of condition surveys and traffic survey information.

    In 2017, the position of the RIMS Officer was established to implement the Road Inventory Management System that: -

    • Allows PWD to maintain and register all public roads in Vanuatu
    • Stores and manage road related data and information
    • Generates reports and road condition survey and budget requirements to maintain public roads
    • Provides basic data governance and control features, and
    • Maintains data structure to support future systems upgrading and integration

    The RIMS database was developed back in 2017 as an excel database file and was used until early 2019. In mid-2019, it was decided to be integrated into ProMIS with the help of the R4D2 MIS Adviser.  This upgrade of the system was necessary due to:

    • The Output results produced by the database had some limitations and bugs appeared which to some extent were difficult to solve
    • There was some difficulty for PWD to be sure about the road length, sections, and segments since the output of the data base was sometimes incorrect
    • There was some difficulty for the RIMS Officer while working on the declaration of roads, and
    • Other general road information for maintenance work and planning purposes

    PWD supported the initiative and now the RIMS officer is working alongside the R4D2 team to manage and update road network information.  As a result of the R4D2 support, the RIMS officer is now managing RIMS through ProMIS and this has been effective in declaring all roads as Public Roads throughout the 23 Islands in Vanuatu.

                                            Road Condition survey work

                                                                                                                 Road Condition survey work

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